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Inhabitants of Tegucigalpa in a local market.

Gustavo Amador / EFE

For breach of the curfew decreed by the government of Honduras to prevent the spread of COVID-19The National Police carried out an operation in which 1,829 people were arrested, 28 public roads were evicted and 104 commercial businesses were closed.

According to the National Police, there was a considerable increase in the contempt of a sector of the population for the measures taken in the fight against the coronavirus.

The National Police intervened 80 colonies with epidemiological fences and participated in 5,776 biosecurity operations seeking the health of compatriots in those sectors. 2,584 police checkpoints were established and 2,162 police patrols were carried out.

Regarding the seizure of vehicles for circulating without authorization, 439 motor vehicles were confiscated in different sectors of the country.

Due to irregular circulation in the Honduran territory without any kind of justification or documents, a foreign person was referred to the National Institute of Migration (INM).

Likewise, 56 people who tried to enter Honduran territory without the required permits during this pandemic were returned by the Migratory Control Force.