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Albert Pujols, Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis, Ronald Acuña and Vladimir Guerrero are among his favorite players

Mike Trout and Albert Pujols have shown their camaraderie in the Angels.

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In recent years, the name of Mike Trout has emerged as the great American figure in baseball Major Leagues to the point of becoming not only the highest-paid player in the history of the ‘Big Top’, but from all professional sports leagues in the United States, making his career a benchmark in many ways.

But despite being the center of attention in the best baseball in the world, Los Angeles Angels outfielder confessed his admiration for Dominican players who play in the majors, from someone as close as your partner and friend Albert Pujols, up to the young promises from Quiche like Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis, Ronald Acuña and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

I learn new things from Albert every day, especially his motivation to keep playing, he is reaching the end of his career and he is an example for me, ”said Mike Trout. “He led the way and guided me through the process… He has been a great influence for me, he has taught me many things, Albert is an extraordinary player, but he is still a better person”, added in an interview for the journalist Yancen Pujols on his YouTube channel.

Also, the three-time MVP of the American League, He expressed his appreciation for the emerging figures of Dominican baseball in Major Leagues such as Juan Soto (Washington Nationals), Fernando Tatis (San Diego Padres), Ronald Acuña (Atlanta Braves) and Vladimir Guerrero (Toronto Blue Jays).

I love the energy they bring to the ground. That’s the most important thing for me, to see them have fun and smile, “said Trout. “I like the joy and excitement they offer to fans,” he added.

As for Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the eight-time All-Star nominee predicted a promising future in the Major Leagues. “It is crazy, to see how he has grown, he has some very large shoes to fill, but I take my hat off to him, it will be a lot of fun to see him in the coming years”, he claimed.

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