New York —

Among the criminals sent to the United States are two alleged pedophiles and a murderer

The federal government extradited five suspected criminals to the United States, including Jorge Luis Sánchez Morales, appointed as operator of the Sinaloa Cartel in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

The detainees were handed over to designated US agents for transfer on flights that departed from Toluca International Airport, Mexico State, to different cities in the American Union.

Sánchez Morales was required by the Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas to answer for the crimes of criminal association and against health.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEAThe alleged drug trafficker was identified as one of the leaders and founders of the Sinaloa Cartel cell on the border of Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, Texas.

The alleged operator of the organization of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán He is identified as responsible for directing, managing, and monitoring drug trafficking and money laundering activities on that border.

Salvador Martínez, accused of belonging to a methamphetamine distribution organization in Dallas and requested by the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas, was also extradited for criminal and anti-health association.

The other extradited were Moisés Bernal, accused in Georgia of child sexual abuse; Ligorio Felipe García, required in Texas for the same crime, and Crespín Nene Pérez, denounced in Colorado for homicide.