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I remember perfectly that the Venezuelans complained that the Minnesota Twins did not offensively support Johan Santana when the famous and popular Gocho threw and he had to shoot almost completely to try to take the game won, the same with Félix Hernández with the Seattle Mariners So much so that they said that El Rey had to leave that team if he wanted to go to the postseason, I associate all of the above with what he lives Jacob deGrom with the Mets of New York, who have thrown him more than 30 games in his career in MLB the ace of his starting pitching rotation, including his most recent outing, last night at the Opening day (Opening Day) in the 2021 season of the Big leagues.

The Mets they did it again, throwing a victory to Jacob deGrom for the 31st time in MLB and the right-wing exit was thwarted once again by the Metropolitans’ bullpen.

All the pieces were in their place as they had been prepared by the Mets. Jacob deGrom for six innings, then three more from a revamped bullpen to close out the Opening day of the Metropolitans in the 2021 Major League Baseball season, which was delayed by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

In the eyes of the manager of the Mets the Dominican Luis Rojas, the plan was solid; the plan made sense; the plan would keep Jacob deGrom healthy and strong at the beginning of the season. So even when deGrom went off script, performing so well that he completed all six of his innings in just 77 pitches, Rojas decided not to deviate from that. DeGrom came out despite his six scoreless baseball innings, despite his streak of nine retired batters in a row, despite Bryce Harper hitting his last 100 mph pitch. The relief corps entered. The victory is gone. With deGrom watching from afar Monday night, offseason bullpen acquisitions Trevor May and Aaron Loup allowed five runs in the eighth inning of the Los Angeles’ loss. Mets 5-3 against the Phillies.

It was the second of two major decisions that plagued Rojas after the loss. “We want to win every game. We didn’t get a win tonight. We are definitely disappointed by that, ”said Rojas.

Degrom he retired early what made the decision so complex was how well he was pitching. The right-hander limited the Phillies to three hits in six innings, striking out seven. His fastball hit 102 mph and averaged 99 mph. He even contributed two hits, one producer, leading May to regret that “Jake shouldn’t have to do everything himself. That’s not what teams are. And frankly, Jake did almost everything today, ”May said.

It was only after the departure of Jacob deGrom that he Opening day of the Mets on the MLB 2021 Collapsed. After the first man out of the bullpen, Miguel Castro, scared Rojas with a fly ball to the warning track, May loaded the bases with two hits and a walk in the eighth. In came Loup, who dropped Harper on his second pitch and allowed JT Realmuto his third hit. A shooting error by Luis Guillorme allowed two more runs to be scored, ensuring the Mets’ offensive spark in the ninth inning was useless.

The bullpen of the Mets has squandered a potential J winacob deGrom 31 times in his career.

After learning that the Opening Day 2021 of the Mets had been postponed due to positive COVID-19 tests at the Nationals clubhouse last week, Jacob deGrom he spent days trying to stay alert for the new first game for the Metropolitans. He pitched a little at Nationals Park, but couldn’t pitch much because there was a chance the Mets would play Saturday. By the time Big leagues Postponing the entire series, setting the Mets’ first game for Monday in Philadelphia, it was too late for deGrom to face the hitters with high intensity. So deGrom and Rojas decided that the two-time Cy Young Award winner would go no more than six innings in the first game, regardless of the pitch count. That would keep him from overstressing his right arm during his first start in 10 days, and would also allow him to come back on a regular break for Game 5 of the Los Angeles season. Mets At the end of the week. “When I spoke to them, when I entered, I felt that this was the right decision. “So that’s what we did,” deGrom said.

At the time, it was a curious decision that didn’t seem very likely to cost the game Mets. After all, Jacob deGrom was sailing, the Metropolitans were making noise and the usual optimism of their Opening day on the MLB 2021 it was still present. Even in hindsight, Rojas said, the process was robust. Even though he regretted the result, Rojas said he would not have done anything differently. “I am satisfied. Especially in a Opening day Like this one where we trust our boys … We know that the result was not the desired one, but we like the boys who had the ball ”.

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