The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, announced this Wednesday that he will force about half a thousand workers in his office, including himself, to take a week of leave without pay as a measure to save 12% of the budget dedicated to this local government body

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« This is a painful step, but it shows how committed we are to a responsible budget and city leadership in these difficult times, » said De Blasio who urged the state governor, Andrew Cuomo, to take measures that grant New York the authority to « obtain long-term loans ».

As a consequence of crisis economic derived from the pandemic of the COVID-19, the city of New York it has stopped getting 9 billion in revenue and has already cut 7 billion from its budgets since February, according to official data.

The workers will have to take that week between October of this year and March 2021, a forced rest that, according to the mayor, will allow savings of around a million dollars.

In early August, the mayor had announced that he would fire 22,000 administration officials due to the budget deficit facing the city. However, on the 31st of that month it announced that it was temporarily suspending said measure.

In the city of New York, the pandemic has caused the death of 19,131 people, 233,972 have been infected and another 57,437 hospitalized.

In addition, another 4,627 people could also die from the coronavirus, although they did not test positive in the tests carried out in the laboratories.

To stop the spread of the pandemic, the authorities decreed the closure of all non-essential businesses in mid-March, until a slow and staggered reopening began in June that is still continuing. .