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It occurred to him to make a new look for his pet and the poor animal was sheared everywhere

Chris Evans became the groomer for his own dog.

Kevin Winter / .

Boredom and lack of ideas to occupy time has led many people, including celebrities, to discover a late vocation as hairdressers that has led them to try to cut their bangs or touch up their tips at home, with very different results.

The actor Chris Evans he has also fallen into this temptation and his first client or victim was his brother Scott, whom he convinced to let him shave his head. Although the end result was a little uneven, that did not discourage him and this week he decided it was time to cut his dog’s hair. Dodge.

“I assured him that he knew what he was doing. At first he seemed a little skeptical, but with the help of a few knick-knacks, I managed to convince him. “, has explained Chris on his Twitter account.

Obviously, the haircut didn’t go much better with an animal that wasn’t willing to sit still than with a human: “The situation went wrong, very fast. I suppose that certain things are better to leave in the hands of the professionals ”.

At the end, Dodge It has ended with a considerable bald patch at the height of the shoulder blade and several trasillions along the spine, as can be seen in the photograph published by its famous owner.

“He has not yet seen himself in the mirror, I have told him that he is great”, the interpreter has joked.