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The couple now have many legal problems due to their son, but at one point it was all happiness.

Ninel Conde and Giovanni Medina are in a big lawsuit for custody of your child, well in the style of Marjorie de Sousa, nobody wants to give their arm to twist when sharing the time of the little one is concerned. Currently the singer is asking for help because he assures that he has not seen his son for weeks.

But before the courts and attacks on social networks There was a love from which little Emmanuel was born. Today we are going to recap you the story that led these two to despise themselves with such intensity.

In August 2013, the Assassin Bombon announced that he was divorcing Juan Zepeda, at that time many reasons were speculated and among which the rumors of domestic violence and infidelity. The actress also denied all this, however stressed that the separation had been “very painful.”

It didn’t take long for Ninel to recover And if she found love again in Giovanni Medina, she would not imagine that this person would bring her so many headaches in the future. The businessman fell in love with Conde almost immediately and they began an intense romance from which Emmanuel was born, just a year after starting their relationship, in October 2014.

The relationship faltered for two years, finally in 2016 they decided to end and separate, however this would be just the beginning of a long media fight where he would accuse her of being a bad mother and also Ninel would end up becoming some drug tests, all to fight custody of the child.

In 2018 Ninel tested positive for drugs however she alleged that Giovanni had altered the result and assured that her ex had a great influence in the courts to make her look bad.

When it seemed that a legal agreement had been reached, in 2019 they were captured walking together with Emmanuel on the streets of Miami, for which both received much criticism. In the middle of that same year she would describe Giovanni as “good father”.

Weight the attempt at reconciliation was not favorable because in March 2020 she would report that the father of her son would not allow him to come home to her.

Now it is not known where it will end, because in the middle of the pandemic due to coronavirus the legal processes in Mexico are stopped and it seems that Giovanni is getting away with it because Ninel could not spend Mother’s Day next to little Emmanuel.