New York Knicks win over Boston Celtics 96-92

05/16/2021 at 10:21 PM CEST

New York Knicks managed to win at home against Boston Celtics 96-92 on a new NBA day. Previously, New York Knicks players won at home against Charlotte hornets by 118-109, so after the match they completed a streak of four wins in a row. For their part, the Boston Celtics also defeated away from home Minnesota Timberwolves by 108-124. At this time, New York Knicks It has 41 victories in 72 matches played, which would allow it access to Play-off positions, while Boston Celtics it would be left out of the Play-offs with 36 games won out of 72 played. Check the NBA standings after the game.

During the first quarter the leadership was in the hands of the Boston Celtics players until they concluded with a 23-24. Later, in the second quarter there were several movements on the scoreboard until ending with a partial result of 31-15. After this, the players came to rest with a 54-39 on the counter.

During the third quarter the visitors managed to approach the electronic, in fact, they achieved a partial in this quarter of 11-2 and concluded with a partial result of 23-26 and 77-65 in total. Finally, in the course of the last quarter, the visiting team’s players also managed to get closer on the scoreboard, in fact, they achieved a partial 18-2, although it was insufficient to win the match and the fourth ended with a partial result from 19-27. After all this, the players closed the match with a score of 96-92 in favor of the locals.

Along with all this the most prominent players of New York Knicks They were Julius Randle Y Rj barrett, who had 20 points, seven assists and seven rebounds and 22 points, two assists and four rebounds respectively. For their part, the visiting team stood out Jabari parker Y Tremont waters, with 18 points, two assists and seven rebounds and 17 points, five assists and five rebounds respectively.

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