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Julio Preciado.

Miguel Larrauri / Reform Agency

The Mexican singer’s health Julio Preciado It has thousands of fans in Mexico and the United States on edge. During Tuesday morning, information emerged that the 53-year-old man was hospitalized for a possible coronavirus.

With the passing of the hours the former vocalist of Banda El Recodo clarified the situation.

“I greatly appreciate your concern. I have pneumonia, I have had it for two years and the COVID test was carried out yesterday evening, I still do not have the results. Fortunately I feel good, blessed God and anything hereby I will give notice “, he expressed through his Instagram account.

Preciado recovered just a few months ago from a kidney transplant from an illness that brought him to the brink of death.

Many people condemned the fact that on the weekend Julio participated in a celebration in which the minimum sanitary measures against COVID-19, which is in its maximum phase in Mexico, were not observed.

The pandemic has taken its toll on the Mexican art scene after the death of Óscar Chávez and the illness that has Yoshio in intensive care.

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