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Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr in the 1997 Finals.

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One of the revelations from episode 8 of “The Last Dance” It was the altercation that Michael Jordan had during a training with Steve Kerr, then Chicago Bulls guard, in 1995.

The “MJ” himself acknowledges in the documentary that it was one of his worst moments. “I hit him directly in the # $% @ eye… The smallest man on the team… I felt terrible, ”he said.

According to accounts released on Sunday, Jordan, who had already returned from his time in baseball, he wanted to teach some of his new teammates like Kerr what it took to become champion. There was a practice where things heated up and Jordan abused Kerr, a man much smaller than himself.

The current Golden State Warriors coach was very patient, but there was a time when He couldn’t take it anymore and decided to fight, throwing a blow to the chest to Jordan, who reacted violently. Coach Phil Jackson expelled Jordan from training, who later called Kerr to apologize.

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What happened next is that they filed rough edges and Kerr earned Jordan’s respect by showing character, but also his confidence. They eventually won three championships together.

Another topic documented on Sunday, in episode 7 of the series, was the murder of Jordan’s father, which caused a series of theories that the crime was related to gambling from Michael.


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