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Ricardo Rojas / Pexels

Although many of us like sushi, we are not all experts We don’t even know how to do it at home, for some it means difficult preparation, so we set out to find a way to do it in a simple way and practical.

To make sushi cube you need is an ice mold or bucket and plastic film. With this we avoid a disaster if you have not yet mastered the technique of forming the rolls. Plastic will help us to Unmold easily.

It is not a traditional way, but it is certainly a trick which will be of great help to you make homemade sushi quickly when you want to pamper yourself or have dinner with the family and share with friends in due course.

As for the ingredients, the basic thing is rice for sushi (approximately one cup per mold) and the rest will be your favorite ingredients that you want to incorporate into sushi, whether it is salmon, tuna, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, seaweed, there are those who even like fried plantain.

Try to choose a mold that does not have such small spaces.


Cut a rectangular piece of plastic film large enough to cover and insert into the cavities of the ice bucket.
Once your mold has the plastic, place in each space the ingredient you want to be on top of your sushi.
Fill with the sushi rice (previously cooked) and press a little. Cover with plastic and refrigerate for 10 minutes.
Unmold with the help of a plate, remove the film and enjoy!


Unlike other rices that only wash once, japan or gohan rice used for sushi, it should be washed well and drained several times until the water is completely transparent. With this we eliminate the starch and get that once cooked it is sticky and compact.