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The victim was in the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service at the Otay Mesa Detention Center, California

The man diagnosed with COVID-19 died in an ICE detention center.

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The government of The Savior He asked the United States for “evidence” of the death of a Salvadoran in a detention center in California, the Foreign Ministry of the Central American country reported.

The source, which did not confirm the identity of the victim, indicated that the Salvadoran was “in custody” of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) at the Otay Mesa Detention Center. , California.

“The Salvadoran consulate in Los Angeles has provided the required accompaniment to the family of the deceased and has sent a formal note to ICE requesting the evidence related to this case,” the Salvadoran Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

He added that the diplomatic representation in the United States is also “investigating” if there are more Salvadorans “in said detention center who are at risk of contagion.”

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, the deceased was originally from the eastern town of Usulután and lived since 1980 in the United States, where he was detained on January 3 on “different criminal charges.”

He added that “he was treated in a timely manner”, he went to a hospital after presenting the symptoms of COVID-19 and they also treated him for “other chronic diseases”.

The community organization Pueblo Sin Fronteras confirmed that the deceased is Carlos Ernesto Escobar Mejía, 57, who participated in the hunger strike that the detained immigrants carried out in order to guarantee health security measures.

Escobar suffered from diabetes and came to the US along with his mother and four siblings, and he was the only one in the family who could not be legalized, according to information collected by the Los Angeles Times.

This is the first death from the coronavirus in an immigration detention center, and it predicts the beginning of a major tragedy that will end the lives of many undocumented immigrants locked in a “death trap” if measures are not taken immediately, experts warn.