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The driver revealed how she lived her pregnancy and what she enjoyed the most during the sweet wait

On the occasion of mothers day, Galilea Montijo He prepared a tender interview, which was carried out by none other than his eldest son, the result of his relationship with the Mexican businessman and politician. Fernando Reina Iglesias.

During a series of questions, the tapatia confessed to the most important person in her life, Matthew. In the interview that was broadcast during a special of the Mother’s day in the ‘Hoy’ program and later shared on his official Instagram account, Galilee revealed the happiness with which she lived her pregnancy, which she looked forward to for several years:

The day they told me I was going to have you, I already had a feeling that I had you in my tummy, but I wasn’t sure and when the doctor confirmed it to your dad and me, it was such a great emotion, because I really wanted to to have you“She responded excitedly to the 8-year-old boy.

Within the series of responses, the actress shared that the first time she felt the baby’s movements in her womb, they were like a little fish that moved from side to side: “What I enjoyed most when I had you in my belly was when you started to move and for me it was a feeling of knowing that you were there, that you were listening to me, you played sea music and you calmed down“This being the first communication that mother and son had during the pregnancy.

Montijo She also confessed that her mother never had reason to scold her, since she considers that she was not a naughty girl, on the contrary, she was always very quiet, however, her talent in front of the cameras was already seen coming from childhood: “I saw a camera and I liked to have my photos taken, but I was a very quiet girl, I never gave problems

Even if Galilee she is only a biological mother of Matthew, also considers that the two oldest children of Queen, Claudio and AlexisThey are an important part of his family, and he even lives with them as if they were his own children.