New York —

A neighbor made Adrián Zamarripa’s dream come true, a daring 5-year-old boy who was arrested driving his parents’ vehicle on a Utah highway on an alleged route to California to buy a Lamborghini.

The story caught the eye of Jeremy Neves, a neighbor who offered him a ride in his own Lamborghini, according to

“He had the courage to pursue what he wanted, you know?” Neves said. “Maybe I’m being punished, maybe he is punished, maybe he has some tasks to do … At the same time I thought it would be great to say: ‘Your dreams are not as far away as you think they are.’ “

Zamarripa was going 32 mph on a highway in Ogden on Monday when police officers saw him drift erratically and stopped him.

Officers initially thought they had stumbled upon a disabled driver, but soon discovered that he was actually a minor with a penchant for luxury cars.

When a policeman approached, he saw the boy stretching to reach the brake pedal. “It absolutely was not what I expected,” state agent Rick Morgan told reporters.

The boy later admitted that he was traveling to his sister’s California home, where he planned to buy the car of his dreams, and then showed $ 3 dollars in your wallet, Morgan said.