NEW YORK – Mayor Bill de Blasio announced
that New York City will distribute 7.5 million masks, 2.5 million
of them will be cloth and the others of which are not medical.

The masks will be delivered throughout the city, including NYCHA public housing residences, to the City’s Department of Education designated food delivery schools, in parks, supermarkets, places where NYPD controls social distancing, among other places.

“Remember that if we protect each other we can reduce the spread of the disease,” says the mayor. “I know that covering your face is not so much fun, especially when the weather starts to improve, but doing so helps get everyone back to normal.”

The masks will be given free of charge later
from a hot weekend that brought crowds of New Yorkers to enjoy
of city parks where the mayor has emphasized the
importance of maintaining social distance and covering your mouth.

The city already has 40 miles of streets that were intended for pedestrians, most of them close to parks, so that they and cyclists can mobilize while maintaining social distance. To find the streets open to New Yorkers visit this website.

The city also has specific sites where New Yorkers can pick up masks for free until May 5. Visit this page to see the closest one.