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Definitely what has to do with money is not the strength of this player

Scottie Pippen, one of the best NBA players of all time, pillar of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan’s eternal shadow; Pippen is one of the most beloved characters in the documentary series ‘The Last Dance’A lot of your sympathy He comes because, despite being a superstar, his salary in Chicago was always less than deserved.

But thisolo opens the door to realize the bad luck Scottie always had in economic matters, here is a count:

In 1991, despite whoever we are, Pippen signed the dumbest contract in NBA history by putting out a 7-year extension and just over $ 18 million.Yes, which placed him somewhere in the ranking of the highest paid as the infamous 122nd.

But as Scottie well said, “His time has come” and when he left the Bulls signed a contract with the Houston Rockets for $ 64 million and let’s say he was much better accommodated.

Pippen retired in 2004 but went bankrupt in 2009 since your financial advisor, Robert Lunn ripped him off with $ 20 million. In 2016, Lunn was sentenced to three months in prison for this.

Another one that was saved Scottie was in 2013 when he hit a paparazzi, however no charges were filed and he was freed from a million dollar lawsuit.