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Ask to cut them before throwing them away, to avoid illegal trade and put your health at risk

They warn for the use of face masks.


MEXICO – The National Union of Pharmacy Entrepreneurs (Unefarm) alerted of the sale of used mouth mask in the country, derived from the shortage of the product in established pharmacies, coupled with the lack of sources of income for some people.

And is that in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, some people found in this clandestine market a way to earn an income, at the cost of the health of others.

According to Juvenal Becerra, leader of Unefarm He stated that he is aware that in some groups of waste pickers (people who collect garbage) they take out the masks of the waste to sell them in some markets of the country and on road cruises.

Becerra indicated that in the last two months it increased by 300% the demand for mouthguards, reason why some groups have resorted to washing the masks they find in the garbage to get some money, regardless of the health of the buyers.

Indicates that the pepenadores when they see the mouth covers in good condition, they are washed and sold. He even specified that these units are already on the cruise ships or street vendors are offering them. Even the same thing happens with the bottles of antibacterial gelHe said.

For this reason, it alerted the population to this situation and made a call to break the mouth covers before throwing them away.

“We are aware that Mexican families are looking for ways to bring resources to their homes, and that there are totally responsible people who market proven quality products with legal origin, however, in the midst of this need for prevention, there are those who are taking advantage to make misuse of the inputs that are discarded in the garbage, “he said.

The leader of pharmacists called on the population through social networks with the hashtag #ShortShield, with what he asks invites the union to destroy by cutting it into several fragments when confining them to the trash.