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Kaitlin Alexander’s relatives cannot access the hospital due to the coronavirus situation

The woman was in an accident over the weekend and has since remained in a Delray Beach, Florida, hospital.

Olivier Hoslet / EFE

A South Florida woman is fighting for her life after a boat accident. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his family has to do everything possible to be by his side.

The Margate family desperately wants to be there to support Kaitlin Alexander who, over the weekend, the had a serious accident in the water. Since they can’t be in the hospital with it, they’ve done what they can. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with,” said Luis Wick, Kaitlin’s boyfriend.

He explained that he and Kaitlin took turns with some friends who were riding a See Doo jet ski near Delray Beach on Sunday. He knew something was wrong, he said, when after a while Kaitlin did not return.

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“We went out looking for her and, fortunately, like there were a lot of people who had gone out on jet skis, boats and other thingsThey helped us look for it, ”he recalls.

The woman apparently lost control and crashed into a boat lift, knocking her unconscious. Luckily, someone saw what had happened and pulled it out moments later. She was rushed to Delray Medical Center.

Kaitlin is a former news reporter, who in recent years, He had worked for various teams and sporting events in South Florida. Now he is in the ICU and his family cannot be by his side. But they have found a way to be close.

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“Since we cannot enter, I took the waiting room to the parking lot“Says Kaitlin’s mother, Christina Alexander.

The family has set up a tent outside the hospital, along with lawn chairs and even a banner, so that they can be for her, even if they cannot be with her.

“I am so grateful that in this storm of life we’ve been going through, that she is a fighter, that she will overcome this and that she has a great story to tell“He stressed.

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Kaitlin suffered several broken bones and has already had two surgeries. Her family said she has made some incredible strides and they hope next week that she will be transferred to a rehab center., where you can continue to recover.