New York —

William James Nash, 79, was arrested after starring in this serious altercation.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office / Courtesy

A 79-year-old man and a 75-year-old woman were arrested Friday night after multiple shots were fired at a person who had arrived there. to serve legal documents at a Cudjoe Key residence.

William James Nash allegedly shot the victim who was trying to comply with the delivery of some legal documents. A woman in the home, Carole Plumley Harwood, was accused of resisting arrest.

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Monroe County Sheriff’s Office agents responded to the residence on Colson Drive about 8 o’clock at night after receiving several reports of shooting. When they arrived, Harwood was yelling at the delivery man, who had gone there with legal documents. Harwood refused police orders and turned away from officers when they tried to stop her.

The man serving the legal documents carried a legally concealed weapon and pointed at Nash as he said to stop shooting his weapon. Nash kept firing, some bullets almost hit the victimagents said, and one bounced off the back of the victims’ car.

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The man did not fire his gun during the incident, but he kept Nash at gunpoint until the agents arrived.

Nash admitted to shooting the victim with a pistol. and said he had been drinking that night. He was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and use of weapons under the influence of alcohol.