New York —

Support for undocumented immigrants is limited.


The organizations Inclusive Action for the City, East Los Angeles Community Corporation and Public Counsel created a fund to support hundreds of undocumented immigrants who cannot work before the coronavirus emergency.

Its work is achieved through donations, reported Univision, which has allowed the distribution of more than $ 250,000 dollars.

The support has come from other groups, such as United Way, Roy and Patricia Disney Family Foundation, in addition to creating a profile on GoFundMe, where they have raised more than $ 83,000 dollars.

The report notes that the coalition has issued 387 $ 400 cards to immigrants that were selected by the organizing committees.

“Every week they distribute about 100 cards on a preselected day and the beneficiaries come by appointment, to avoid crowds and thefts”, indicates the report.

The goal is to help people who have not received financial support from the federal or state government.

Immigrants also receive two $ 150 cards to buy food.

Among the beneficiaries is the Guatemalan Lucas Tax, who acknowledges that it has been a great relief to get the money to cover some expenses, mainly food. He trusted that he has wisely spent the funds, to make the most of them.

The activists, who seek to help as many people as possible, have received 1,000 requests, acknowledged Rudy Espinoza, leader of the group Inclusive Action for the City.

The report adds that support in California for undocumented immigrants has been insufficient, since in three days, the Los Angeles government received more than 454,000 requests for each family to obtain a maximum of $ 1,500 dollars.