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Avoid these mistakes and you will be more likely to get a job

During these times when we must be quarantined, there are many people who have been forced to look for a job. To be evaluated in these jobs, companies usually do interviews by video calls, so, if this is your case, you should be very careful not to make these mistakes so that everything turns out well and gives the best impression.

1 – Search for information on the internet

Since you are at your computer, you are likely to be tempted to quickly search the internet for information if the interviewer asks you something you don’t know. It is best not to do this, as they may notice what you are doing.

Lor ideally, you should be well prepared in your interview, just as you would be if it were in person.

Learn all the background of the company and the person you interviewed. Consider memorizing everything you can, this way you will be calmer during the evaluation, as advised by TechRepublic.

2 – Being too casual

It is important to prove to your employer that you are a professional. This means that you should dress appropriately, speak professionally and act as if you are in a business environment, even if you are in the comfort of your home.

Remember that the online interview is as serious as if it were in person.

3 – Do not take care of the room where you do the interview

The interviewer will be able to see your entire environment, so you must make sure that everything around you look professional. This means that you should thoroughly clean and make sure the lighting is good.

Another good tip is to avoid connecting in places where there is a lot of noise, as this could distract you.

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