New World, the MMO of Amazon Games advances details and date

After numerous delays, it seems that New Word, the first title developer by Amazon Games Studio is finally ready to see the light, showing us a trailer with new real images of the game and a new release date that places it on August 31st.

Without a doubt, this video shows us how much New World has come since the first images of the project were shown. And it is that in fact its last and greatest delay had as its main reason this search for perfection, as explained by Scot Lane, producer of the game, who assures that the New World development team “identified some very attractive characteristics that simply would not meet ”Within the initially announced release period, opting for the delay in the face of the release of an incomplete game.

So, in this video we can see an overview of some of the main mechanics of this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (or MMORGP), including player-versus-world and player-versus-player combat systems, which will include everything from open world exploration and instantiated dungeons, to large-scale war, invasion and assault scenarios. strengths.

Everything we know about New World

As described on the game’s official website, “For thousands of years, the mysterious island of Aeternum has been the source of fantastic legends that speak of a huge hidden power, coveted by all kinds of expeditions for centuries. And it is that magic flows through Aeternum, bringing life, with scenes of miraculous healings, the resuscitation of the dead and a strange flora with magical properties; but it also brings horror, with a power that causes inevitable destruction and slow attrition of the soul through countless cycles of death and resurrection.

Shipwrecked, without supplies or allies, we will arrive on this island where the fundamental laws of life and death do not apply, to make our own way.


In addition to the exploration of the world itself, under total free will, one of the latest novelties presented is the so-called “Expeditions”, which will allow us to deepen and learn more about the history of the game world through instantiated dungeons together with other players, offering a different set of challenges to overcome and loot, and “their own unique history and experience”, as stated from Amazon Game Studios in one of the latest blog posts.

Fighting and action in real time

As would be expected in this type of genre, the combat will be carried out by the different equipment, weapons and abilities of our character, with some real time battles that will test our strength, reflexes and strategic abilities, and total freedom to create our own style of play.


A whole world

Look for materials that allow you to craft thousands of weapons, armor, and other goods that you can use yourself, give to friends, or sell to other players. The more you create, the stronger your crafting skills will become. And is that every settlement in Aeternum has your own player-driven marketplace, so skilled craftsmen and resource moguls can create their own niches within the economy.

Player versus player and against environment

At the core of the social side of New World are the three factions, like-minded player organizations, and non-player characters with their own motives and plans for the future of the island. Within each faction, players can form or join groups called companies. Choosing your faction it will determine who and against whom you fight, in addition to conferring some special benefits.

Something that will be related to «Wars», pinnacle of PvP in New World. Some epics Large-scale siege battles, with 50-player teams of attackers and defenders fighting for control and victory. The outcome of each war determines which company controls the disputed territory or settlements, making this a fight for the future of Aeternum. Those who control the cities control the resources and grant benefits to their fellow factions and company members.


However, one of the most attractive qualities of this game comes from his PvPvE mode, “Outpost Assault”, with top-level instantiated combat in which teams of 20 players from two rival factions will fight for control of fortifications and resources protected by the creatures of this world, thus creating three-sided battles where there will be more enemies than allies.

On the other hand, Aeternum’s own armies will also act on their own, occasionally gathering their forces to carry out an assault on one of the player-controlled territories. The calls “Invasions” they will require groups of up to 50 max-level players to come together and fight off the waves of monsters attacking them, to ensure the survival or loss of these zones.

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