As Microsoft announced, the new Windows Insider channels would begin to be seen in Windows 10 at the end of the month and so it has been. We have been able to meet him via ALumia.

Although we have already received compilations on both the Dev channel and the Beta channel, it has been now when Microsoft has updated the names and descriptions, going from the old rings to the new channels.

In case you missed it, here is a brief description of the 3 channels for Windows Insiders. For more detailed information, see the introductory article.

The new Windows Insider channels

Windows Insider ChannelsDev Channel

This channel will be ideal for highly technical users. Insiders on the Dev channel will receive compilations belonging to the first compilations in a new development cycle and will contain the latest work in progress code from Microsoft engineers. These compilations will have irregularities and some instability which could block key activities or require alternative solutions.

Beta Channel

This channel will be ideal for the early adopters (first users). Insiders and IT sector professionals in the Beta Channel can consult the next features of Windows 10, while getting relatively reliable updates validated by Microsoft.

Release Preview Channel

Of the Windows Insiders channels, the Release Preview channel will focus on insiders and IT professionals who will have access to the next release of Windows 10 before its release to the world, with advanced quality updates and certain key features. These builds are supported by Microsoft. The Release Preview channel is where they recommend that companies view and validate upcoming versions of Windows 10 before extensive deployment within their organization.