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Despite the fact that since the beginning of the year we have not heard more official information from Super Nintendo World, the Nintendo amusement park, construction is progressing towards its opening. Days ago, images emerged that showed a good part of Bowser Castle and today a video appeared that reveals a hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.

We are talking about Yoshi, who was also invited to the amusement park, along with his other congeners of different colors. Although there are several copies of Yoshi, the main one, the green one, is more striking, since it will not only be static in the park, but it will also have movement.

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We can say this thanks to a new video that user テ ー マ パ ー ク メ デ ィ ア ハ ピ エ ル shared on his YouTube channel. In it you can finally see Mario’s friend dinosaur in action. This character, as seen in the video, will walk around a tree next to a Thwomp.

You can also see the revolving coins of the hill in the tower where the flagpole of Mario is located and to one side you can see the top of one of the towers of Peach Castle. We leave you with the video below.

What did you think of the advance? What kind of attractions would you like to see in the park? Tell us in the comments.

The first amusement park in Super Nintendo World was planned to open this summer, before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which were to begin on July 23. However, so far it is not known whether the opening of the park, which is part of Universal Studios Osaka, will suffer the same fate as the Olympic event or if it is still planned for this year.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), construction is on track and on this page you can check other advances that have circulated in recent months. If you want to know more about the Super Nintendo World, we invite you to visit this page.

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