More than a year ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced during the F8 2019 conference that his social network would receive a huge transformation in its interface design both in the app and on the website. In early 2020, the company began doing a series of tests around the world … but now it has been reported thate beta version of “The New Facebook” for desktop has arrived in Mexico and that some users have already started testing it in its dark version.

In theory, the purpose of “The New Facebook” is not only to modernize the interface, but also to make it easier for users to navigate through the page, with a cleaner design.. The new version of Facebook for desktop looks just like the app, with icons without text that make it more intuitive, which includes easy access to the most used sections of the platform.

The company has assured users that they are already testing this new version of Facebook, that It will have a faster loading time, more robust fonts and, what we mentioned before, it will be easier to navigate through it. Last year, Zuckerberg explained that this Facebook redesign was aimed at facilitating communication between communities “by introducing new tools that will help you discover and engage with groups of people who share your interests,” he said.

As in the app, the web version of Facebook is divided into three sections: with an area for direct access and the search box; one that highlights the stories of friends in the center, with a box that includes access to the Marketplace, friends requests, Groups, Watch and Home; while on one side, there is an icon similar to Messenger, the configuration option -from where dark mode can be activated- and a new section called Create, from where you can create a page, an ad or even a group or a post on Marketplace. Of course, the user’s profile will also register a new aspect.

Here you can see what “The New Facebook” looks like in dark mode:

(Photo: Facebook)

So far unknown At what point will the new version of Facebook for desktop officially begin to be deployed.