Family-oriented rather than professional

It will use a new platform and will arrive in mid-2022

The star brand is preparing a new model focused on the van segment. It is the T-Class, a compact size van geared towards families rather than commercial tasks. It will arrive in mid-2022.

Mercedes – Benz doesn’t stop when it comes to vehicle development. A few months after the announcement of the end of production of the X-Class, the firm has announced the arrival on the market of a new model packed in the van segment and that will arrive as the Class t. Within this segment, it will be a type vehicle compact and it will be oriented towards family and leisure use more than towards the commercial.

It will be the counterpart to the new generation of the Citan, with which it will share a platform. While the latter will be directed towards the professional sector, the T-Class will be oriented towards the private client. Its manufacture will also be carried out in cooperation with the alliance Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi.


We only have one single sketch that the brand has provided as a teaser in which you can see lines in the style of a minivan with a van. The nose is short and falling in the style of the latter, with a large volume for the part of the cabin. The side doors will be sliding for easier access to the interior.

The platform will be new conception and it will be shared with the future Mercedes-Benz Citan. In terms of design, its manager, Gorden Wagener, says that “it combines functional with attractive, with the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz.”


No data has been released from the interior, as development is still at an early stage but, despite its compact design, it is expected that it will offer enough space for seven occupants, with adaptation for a wide variety of uses and will be at the forefront of technology in terms of connectivity it means.


The new T-Class will feature both traditional combustion engines and a variant 100% electric. When carried out in cooperation with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, it is plausible that several of its engines are shared, although there are no more details about it.


There are no announced market prices, but the firm says that when the model reaches mid 2022, it will do so with an “attractive price-value ratio”.


Date Upgrade 07/28/2020 First preview of the Mercedes-Benz T-Class

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