new update 11.0.0 makes it easy to share screenshots and videos

The new update of the Nintendo Switch console brings really important changes that many people are surely going to love.

The Nintendo Switch has just been updated and boy did it bring very important changes to make our gaming experience that much better, in addition to greatly improving the way you share your games with your friends.

Let’s see version 11.0.0 of the Switch

To begin with, we can know that the Nintendo Switch console really needs big updates in its menu and the options that it has. And although not all issues are fixed (such as folders still missing) if there are significant changes to many aspects of this console.

The first change of all is that now you can see the gaming trends in your user profile. That is now you can find what your friends play the most or what they have played recently. That way we can find game recommendations and know how our friends move on their Switch.

The other is one of the things that we were all waiting for and perhaps the most important thing about it, and that is that now it will be much easier to pass our captures to our PC and to our cell phone.

This can be done by scanning a QR when you want to share one or more captures to your cell phone. Even though I must admit that it is a bit more complicated than it should be, as I did not make it after trying several times.

Fortunately, it also has the option to connect your Nintendo Switch to a PC through a USB-C cable (which must be purchased separately) and thus transfer the files to the PC in a faster and easier way.

Other things that the update includes is being able to choose which program you want to download first in case of downloading more than one at a time, activating automatic saving in the cloud (if you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership) and a Nintendo Switch Online button is added to the main menu.