New twist in the Campos file

Tipped to be part of the staff of the OLympique de Marseille in the event of the club being bought out by the Holding Kingdom Company, Luis Campos could soon land with the Ciel et Blancs.

Consequence of its presence in the Phocaean city, three weeks ago, while the file for the sale ofOlympic Marseille got carried away, Luis Campos saw his name come back with insistence in Marseille conversations. For many, his presence in Marseille inevitably meant that he had to succeed Jacques-Henri Eyraud as President of Ciel et Blanc.

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But if the sale of OM has finally taken the lead in the wing, the arrival of Luis Campos is still relevant. Not to become the new president of the Olympian club but to run the training center. At least that’s what the @ Treize13 account suggests, the reference for everything related to training at the Ciel et Blanc.

“Luis Campos and his company could disembark at # OM in order to take charge of the training center”, he announced while specifying that the information was to be taken with “a lot of tweezers”. He nonetheless specified that Pablo Longoria wanted “something new in the recruitment unit” and that the Portuguese could “apply his method calmly” given the financial problems of OM. And the Spanish sports director would be all the more eager for change as currently “very few players from the training center could turn pro”. An announcement could be made in the coming hours in this direction.

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