new turn of the screw with ACS on behalf of Villarejo

Iberdrola: new return of tureca with ACS on behalf of Villarejo

Iberdrola does not finish closing what it would like the most: the connections in the Tandem case and its contraction of former commissioner Villarejo for various jobs appraised through its group of companies, the Cenyt Group for a value of 1.1 million euros. A headache that already lasts a year and three months with many ramifications, despite the fact that Iberdrola as a company, contrary to what happens with BBVA, is not investigated in this matter, but several company executives are. like Juan Carlos Rebollo or the former number two of the company José Luis San Pedro and his former head of security, Antonio Asenjo.

Now, The latest is that the Commercial Court number 4 of Madrid, has summoned the legal representatives of ACS in June to ask them, at the request of Iberdrola, who was responsible for the publication in the press of a news item in which ACS was going to sue the electricity company for 2,600 million euros if it were finally imputed in the Villarejo case, as we were ABC account.

All this after the lawsuit that Iberdrola is preparing against ACS for possible unfair competition against the energy company in relation to the leak of the news about the Villarejo case. Specifically, it would seek to establish the act of denigration of a competitor to undermine its credit in the market. Hence the appearance in court of Florentino Pérez to clarify the authorship of the leak. ACS denies that it leaked the news.

And it is that everything comes because the news, published by the Confidential, was produced two days before Iberdrola’s results were presented in 2020, which presented a positive outlook for the company. In fact, they reached a record of 3,610.7 million euros, after raising their profits by 4.2% in the year of the pandemic and their forecasts to exceed the net profit in 2021.

Despite this, the value fell in the market in subsequent sessions, the first of March, to the level of 10 euros, and in the usual conference call with experts and market analysts, the president was asked again about his problems with ACS.

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A whole legal framework, which takes place after the alleged work against Florentino Pérez, with a recording included in the Tandem case, which talks about the president of ACS who was allegedly spied on by the former commissioner Villarejo, now prosecuted, in favor of Iberdrola and that the company denies.

Enmity between the Chairman of Iberdrola and the Chairman of ACS?

At the moment and as La Información says, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office does maintain that the president of Real Madrid was also a victim of the espionage of José Manuel Villarejo. So the public prosecutor will not withdraw the condition of injured party against Pérez as Iberdrola had requested.

And therefore it will continue in the cause, because they consider that there is more and more evidence that the work carried out by the Cenyt group in 2009 focused on the figure of Pérez. The president of ACS who, since November 2019, appeared as a private prosecution in this case opened in the National Court in relation to that alleged relationship between Villarejo and Iberdrola to spy on him.

A maremagnum that comes from afar with a Manifest enmity between the president of Iberdrola Ignacio Sánchez Galán and Florentino Pérez. It all comes from ACS’s intention to take control of Iberdrola for several years and that ended after 12 and a half years of business struggle with the defeat of Pérez, who could not take control of Iberdrola despite reaching have more than 20.2% of its capital. A fierce corporate fight, with the idea of ​​merging Unión Fenosa, then of ACS and which later had to sell to Naturgy, with Iberdrola with a heavy burden for the construction company.

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