Microsoft has officially issued a warning about a massive virus attack targeting the victim’s bank information. According to the software giant, both users and companies must be extremely cautious with emails with attachments. Specifically, we are talking about the Emotet Trojan virus. Tens of thousands of emails with hundreds of malicious attachments were sent, according to Microsoft. If you click on these files, Emotet will install your computer.

The Emotet Trojan virus is in full action phase

The bank Trojan Emotet was first discovered by security researchers in 2014. Initially, they designed it as a bank malware. Trying to penetrate the victim’s computer to steal bank information, as well as other sensitive data. Later versions of Emotet added malware and spam distribution services. Including the distribution of other banking Trojans.

Emotet is equipped with features that help avoid detection by virus scanning software. In addition, it can also spread to computers on the same network. Emotet is considered by the US Department of Homeland Security to be one of the most harmful and expensive malware. It will cost around a million dollars each Emotet cleanup of the agency, organization and business system.

Microsoft said the Threat Protection system soon discovered this campaign. Additionally, the Office 365 ATP has long been able to detect malicious attachments and URL links in emails. Finally, Defender ATP will block the malicious code from running on the user’s computer.

You must be very attentive to the emails that reach you

Something superimportant is that you should not open emails of dubious origin because the virus could be there. Likewise, any promotion, campaign or unofficial information that reaches your email should not be enabled, much less downloaded. This is the best protection you have against Emotet, so don’t forget it.

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