new trailer presents release date and we can not with the emotion

We finally have more information about New Pokémon Snap thanks to a trailer that presents the official release date.

New Pokémon Snap is the second installment of a game that originally debuted for the Nintendo 64, which means that we are facing the revival of one of the most forgotten franchises of Pokémon.

At the time the first Pokémon Snap was released, the franchise contained only 151 pocket monsters, but over the years, with more than 900 monsters of all kinds, including different versions of region, it was obvious that the potential for a new photo set was there, unused.

How the years have passed, what a different world

This is a new world, literally, where we can see all kinds of creatures, different habitats and situations that deserve to be photographed, Well, the Pokémon world has really evolved in a way that few franchises have managed to do.

And this spin-off will put in front of us the wonders that pocket monsters are capable of, and it will be sooner than we thought.

As you can see, the official premiere of the game will be on April 30 of this year, which makes us think that Nintendo was saving very strong cards for this year.

We don’t know much more information about it, except that it looks like we will have special encounters with larger Pokémon but they don’t appear to be Gigantamax, so It could well be another phenomenon within this universe that makes them great, maybe even the story is about that, but we are already speculating here.

Only time will tell us what awaits us here but one thing is for sure, we will be facing a new way of living, a better place with a new attitude and although we will not be able to catch them in a conventional way, we will be able to capture photographs of them. Yes, it is a reference to the opening of the Pokémon adventures in Jotho.