« Daniel, Sara, and their 9-year-old son, Eric, arrive at the house where they intend to start a new life, unaware that this property has always been known in the surroundings as » the house of voices. « Eric he is the first to notice that behind each door strange sounds are hidden and voices are intuited that seem to try to communicate with the family. « 

« What they attribute in principle to a product of Eric’s imagination quickly becomes a disturbing reality for his parents as well. Are there really voices in the house? And if so, where do they come from, who are they, what do they want? »

eOne Films Spain has released the second and final trailer for ‘Voices‘, a film starring Rodolfo Sancho, Nerea Barros, Ramn Barea, Ana Fernndez Garca, Beln Fabra and the young Lucas Blas who will finally hit theaters throughout Spain on July 24.

A film that marks the debut in the direction of feature films by Ángel Gmez, author of ‘Behind’, a horror short film that has won more than 50 national and international awards and whose future film adaptation, which is expected to be directed by Gmez himself in a near future, to be produced by Sam Raimi and Lionsgate.

Voices‘is a classic horror story focused on a family and on the suggestive power of the psychophones that, according to its distributor, mark one of the most brilliant debuts in genre cinema in Spain in recent years. A « claustrophobic and deeply disturbing » film written by Santiago Daz based on an argument devised by the director himself, together with Vctor Gado.

The film is produced by Feelgood Media (Juan Moreno and Guillermo Sempere), Kowalski Films (Koldo Zuazua), LaNube (Jose Carmona and Ana Figueroa) and Estudio V (Arantxa Domingo, Roberto Sanz and ngel Gmez) and has the participation of Televisin Espaola (TVE) and the help of the Ministry of Culture ICAA.

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