New thriller series, Netflix launches “The innocent” with Mario Casas

New thriller series, Netflix launches “The innocent” with Mario Casas | INSTAGRAM

On April 30, the successful streaming platform, Netflix will premiere its new Spanish fiction under the title of “The innocent”, a promising thriller crime scene based on Harlan Coben’s novel, titled “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, just over three weeks after its premiere, the platform has finally revealed its official trailer.

So we have very good news for fans of Mario CasasIt will return to the screen soon with this miniseries, an exciting thriller of which we have already seen the trailer and the official poster, and what we will tell you next is what we know about it at the moment.

As we already mentioned, it will be next April 30 when we can see Mario Casas again on Netflix in this eight-episode miniseries created by producer Oriol Paulo in which the best-seller homonym of Harlan cobenWe have finally been able to see the official trailer and also the poster of the series, and the good news is that we only have a little more than three weeks left to have it available on the platform.

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Constructed as an eight-episode miniseries, the story revolves around four individuals whose lives suddenly change in a matter of seconds. The main plot is centered on Mateo and Olivia, a married couple struggling to rebuild their lives after receiving surprising news.

The official synopsis shared by Netflix is ​​the following: “One night nine years ago, Mateo, played by Casas, was involved in a fight and accidentally ended up becoming a homicide, now, nine years later, he is trying to start from scratch with Olivia who is, Aura Garrido, his wife.

An inexplicable call from Olivia’s mobile while she is traveling confuses Mateo, who will begin a frantic race to discover the truth, so his innocence will be questioned again, this time by Lorena, being Alexandra Jiménez who gives him life, and she’s a police inspector investigating a suicide case.

Mario Casas, Aurga Garrido, José Coronado and Alexandra Jiménez, form the leading quartet. The cast is completed thanks to Martina Gusmán, Juana Acosta, Gonzalo de Castro, Ana Wagener, Miki Esparbé, Xavi Sáez, Anna Alarcón and Susi Sánchez.

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“The innocent” is in charge of Oriol Paulo, who directs and co-writes with Jordi Vallejo and Guillem Clua, and who also describes this production, with some incredible words, since he is clear about the enormous versatility of the project and affirms that his film is very complete.

“The innocent has been the most complex and intense project to date. It is a choral and polyhedral thriller full of lights and shadows; a domino effect through which a series of characters who carry backpacks from the past walk and collide and struggle to find their second chance ”, said Oriol, very enthusiastic about this new project.

For his part, the author of the original novel, Harlan Coben, seems to have already seen something of the series, because he assures that “‘The innocent is exciting, shocking, provocative, disturbing, emotional and explosive. I am proud to have worked with Oriol Paulo, Mario Casas and the whole team in ‘The Innocent’. I can’t wait for the world to be captivated by this police drama.

To the rhythm of “A no hombre”, one of the most exciting songs on Rosalía’s “El mal quiero” album, Netflix announced at the beginning of March the release date of one of its most anticipated miniseries of the year, in which it returns to count on one of your fetish actors, Mario Casas.

Netflix has also shared some images and official posters with the four main characters of the series, we can no longer with the desire to appreciate this work of art.