New technology diagnoses Covid-19 in 30 minutes

An expensive team, qualified experts and a price if you do it on your own that is not affordable in this current economic recession. The current PCR test for the diagnosis of COVID-19 has a very high precision, but involves a complex preparation process to extract or refine the virus.

It is not suitable for use in small farming or fishing villages, or in screening clinics at airports or coaches. It’s not (fast enough). It is not cheap. It is effective but not efficient in the reality we live in.

Detect Covid-19 in 30 minutes

For this reason, and given that we are in the middle of the second wave of the global pandemic that we are experiencing, a research team from the Pohang University of Science and Technology (South Korea) has jointly developed a technology that allows anyone to easily and quickly diagnose COVID-19 based on the RNA sequence of the virus.

This technology can diagnose infections in just 30 minutes, avoiding contact with infected patients as much as possible. The biggest benefit is that a diagnostic kit can be developed in a week, even if a new infectious disease other than COVID-19 appears.

Through the RNA of the virus

RNA is a nucleic acid that mediates genetic information or participates in the control of gene expression. Korean researchers have designed their technology around a test kit to produce the nucleic acid binding reaction to show fluorescence only when COVID-19 RNA is present.. Therefore, the virus can be detected immediately, without any preparation process, which means speed of detection and low cost of the test.

Someone’s doubt will be, “What if you do it so fast, will it not be less accurate?” No, because in fact this method turns out to be as accurate as the current PCR diagnostic method. Using this technology, the research team found the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the cause of COVID-19, from a real sample from a patient in about 30 minutes.

In the test, up to 5 pathogenic viruses and bacterial RNAs that demonstrated the usefulness of the kit to detect pathogens other than COVID-19. Another great advantage of the technology is the ease of creating the diagnostic device that can be developed in a simple, portable and user-friendly way.

Detect the virus faster and cheaper

This method not only enables ‘on-site’ diagnosis before going to the screening clinic or being hospitalized, but also enables a more proactive response to COVID-19 by complementing the current centralized diagnostic system. Of course, implementing it at a global level would be a good tool to anticipate the Coronavirus, something not necessary, but essential now that the WHO points out that 10% of Humanity has been infected with Covid-19.