New suspected cases of black fungus detected in Mexico

It would be the third case of mucormycosis registered in the country.

Photo: Joebeth Terriquez / .

A few weeks ago, the Ministry of Health of Mexico (SSA) reported that in the State of Mexico the first case had been registered in the country of the so-called black fungus, disease that originally it is known as mucormycosis, now there are suspicions of other cases in another state of the Mexican Republic.

In recent days The Secretary of Health of Oaxaca, Juan Carlos Márquez Haine, indicated that two people, a man and a woman, had to be hospitalized urgently due to symptoms related to the black fungus.

Both patients have in common that they had coronavirus, that they live in the Central Valley area of ​​that state and that they are receiving medical attention at the Specialty Hospital.

The first country to link the black fungus as a sequel to COVID-19 was India, where there were dozens of cases of mucormycosis in patients who had already overcome the disease.

Black fungus is caused by a mold that is found in soil, plants, manure, and decomposing fruits and vegetables, mainly in humid environments. It can affect the sinuses or lungs after a person inhales airborne fungal spores, and on the skin it can cause a superficial injury, such as a burn.

This disease can cause the amputation of a limb or even blindness.

In most cases, patients who had coronavirus and subsequently developed mucormycosis usually have a congenital disorder, such as diabetes.

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