New study linked the consumption of chili or chili peppers with the risk of death

A study was recently revealed that linked the consumption of chili or hot pepper with heart disease and cancer risk.

Less than a week ago a study was published that determined that the consumption of chili pepper or Chile, has a positive impact on people’s health. Recent research revealed that eating this food reduces the risk of death from heart disease and cancer. Then there is other new research that supports the report of his colleagues and adds new data.

It’s about the American Heart Association. The American body expresses that the benefits of chili pepper on diseases remain a mystery. They have not yet found the component that generates the positive impact on death risks.

The truth is that the study extracted digital data from around 570 thousand people. Information is available from nutritional reports in different countries.

To eat or not to eat hot chili?

Among the percentage of data, the researchers compared those who ate chili or hot pepper and those who did not. Consequently, among those who do not consume this spicy vegetable, there is 26% in deaths from cardiovascular reasons. In addition there are 23% among cancer deaths. And finally there is a 25% increase in deaths from any other disease, Slash Gear reported.

The scientists in charge of this research assure that the studies aim to be more in-depth about the elements present in chili peppers. The idea they have is to know the key element and thus work on a future medicine.