New ‘Star Wars’ book will reveal Palpatine’s secrets

Photo: New ‘Star Wars’ book will reveal Palpatine’s secrets / Via Lucasfilm

A new canon book has been announced. ‘Star Wars’ in which the same Palpatine will reveal the secrets of Sith.

Lucasfilm has officially announced ‘Secrets of the Sith’, written by Marc Sumerak and with illustrations of Sergio Gómez Silván.

Photo: Cover of ‘Secrets of the Sith’ / Via Lucasfilm

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Throughout the saga of ‘Star Wars’ fans have always had a special fascination for the rivalry between the Jedi and the Sith. In 2019, Lucasfilm launched a guide to the universe of Jedi with the title, ‘Secrets of the Jedi’, which was written as if it did Luke Skywalker, serving as a kind of manual towards the light of force.

Now, the turn is for the Sith, in the book, the same Palpatine you will guide readers to the dark side of the force as you explore different characters such as Darth maul, Asajj Ventress, Darth vader Y Kylo ren, in addition to mentioning the powers of force and abilities that many would consider « unnatural. »

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‘Secrets of the Sith’ will be available from next August 3rd.