New spy photos show 2021 Mercedes CLS Facelift at Nürburgring

The 2021 Mercedes CLS Facelift has been moved to the Nürburgring test unit circuit. The German brand tries to maintain the appeal of the luxurious sports saloon with aesthetic changes rather than discreet, before it ceases its commercial activity. Some improvements that will also have a counterpart in the dynamic plane. Its arrival is expected in mid-2021.

Rather discreet and in which you will have to look very carefully to appreciate the changes of the updated Mercedes CLS Facelift 2021. The brand of the star is working on an update, which can rather be described as a “Model Year”. At least, for now, because these new spy photos coming to us from the Nürburgring show just that.

This is the second time that the luxurious saloon positioned midway between the E-Class and S-Class has appeared on spy photos, although the previous time it was the sports version signed by AMG. Compared to this more conventional version, the only piece that seems to be subject to change is the front bumper that will adopt a new design, the rest remaining intact.

The Mercedes CLS Facelift 2021 refines its performance and driving at the Nürburgring

The Mercedes CLS 2021 tests technical improvements at the Nürburgring

Mercedes will bet on a cleaner design on the front bumper, reducing the size of the air intakes and repositioning some of the parking sensors, among others. The German firm will also offer improvements at the dynamic level, improving the responsiveness of the chassis, brakes, steering and suspension of the sports saloon.

Inside, the CLS will not receive major changes to the design of the dashboard. The model debuted 2020 with more equipment and a software update of the infotainment platform adopting the latest version of the MBUX system, so no big news is expected in this section.

Neither in the mechanical plane. The CLS will maintain its mechanical offer currently for sale in the different countries of Europe, four mechanical versions with two gasoline and two diesel. The star’s signature will offer an optimization to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The revised Mercedes CLS range will hit the market in summer 2021.

The Mercedes CLS will debut discreet improvements in summer 2021