New species of giant mosasaurus discovered in Morocco

He hunted in shallow water where seeing was easy. Its snout was covered with small openings for nerves, which probably functioned similarly to those of sea snakes, which use them to detect changes in water pressure, which indicates the presence of possible prey.

“If he wasn’t using his eyes, then most likely he was using his tongue to hunt, like a snake. Many aquatic snakes and lizards (such as sea snakes) move their forked tongues underwater, using chemical signals to track their prey “continues the researcher.

Although paleontologists did not find a complete fossil of this species, the size of the skulls suggests that they grew to around 6 meters and according to another of the remains, one of them would have been much larger, perhaps more than 10 meters long. Quite a Titan.

An area of ​​incredible diversity

P. serpentis is the thirteenth species of mosasaur discovered in Morocco, including two other species of Pluridens. Not all would have existed simultaneously, but it is still a considerable number, especially considering that the same seas were also home to plesiosaurs, large sharks and crocodiles. It is undoubtedly a region of astonishing diversity of large predators.

“The diversity of these fossils is amazing. Far from diminishing in diversity, mosasaurs appear to be peaking just before going extinct, “says Longrich.

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