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It will be six years since Konami ended the dream of reviving the popular survival-horror franchise of Silent Hill, after the developer cut ties with the Japanese producer Hideo Kojima.

However, there are more and more rumors regarding effectively a new installment in the series, which would return for this next generation of consoles.

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Dusk Golem states that it is 100% sure that Konami planned a new installment of Silent Hill in 2018 with an episodic scheme and another game that would be a reboot, but there was no progress with the studies with which the projects were discussed.

The filter claims that it knows that a new game in the saga started its development in early 2019 in Japan. After an investigation, it was concluded that the title is in charge of Sony Japan Studios and that will be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

We recall that on March 25, it was the Japanese company itself that through its Public Relations division sought to go to the specialized website to deny the rumors.

“We are aware of all the rumors and reports, but we can confirm that They are NOT true“The company wrote in its statement

The company added that the door to the franchise will not be closed, but that at the moment it will not be as cited by related rumors.

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