Dominican artists see a light in the middle of the dark. Their concerts « live » through social networks begin to generate certain income, which during the quarantine due to the coronavirus health crisis have seen them disappear.

Different brands and companies are paying them to make virtual transmissions or they have devised their presentations through social networks at a cost « per entry », as the group Toque Profundo did and for next Saturday the merenguero has it Ramón Orlando.

Deep Touch was a pioneer in this type of initiative. The Dominican rock band performed their first “pay per viw” concert through the Zoom platform. “Desde la Trinchera”, this is how the show was titled, broke the barriers of distance on June 14, because for just $ 10, hundreds of people enjoyed their live music from different parts of the world.

Toque Profundo sang (« Blind Angel », « Babel », « Arranca », « The Experiment » …) accompanied by the constant interaction of its members with those present, responding to active chat during the presentation. This allowed to feel the emotion of those who accessed the show and their knowledge of the group’s history.

The results were so good that they already plan to carry out another one under the name « Desde la Trinchera 2 ».

Payment system

The amount could be paid through credit cards or through the “Pay Pal” platform. Despite being on a virtual platform, the technical arrangements and the stage lived up to a live concert.

For next Saturday, veteran artist Ramon Orlando also seeks to delight his audience with his successes through his “live” concert from the VivaliveTV platform, a paid TV content application, which can be accessed through any device. mobile or web.

The interpreter of « There is no one else to replace you » is scheduled to appear on June 27 at 10 pm, at a cost of $ 5.50, which can be paid electronically.

Sponsoring companies

Some brands or companies such as Presidente, Brugal and Cap Cana have chosen to bring free entertainment to Dominicans, hiring artists to make a show from their business platforms.

The merengue player Manny Cruz participated on Thursday from Capcana in the « Capcana Sunset Concert », a festival that presents shows throughout the week and transmits it through YouTube.

Manny told journalists from LISTÍN DIARIO that the experience is very fun, because although there was no audience, playing with friends and colleagues is « a magical experience » for him.

“Within these concerts all the necessary measures are taken and, of course, there is no public, only the musicians and the recording team, the stage is on the beach at sunset and it is shown live on the official YouTube channel and the Cap Cana channel ”, he said

Then he added: « It is a very good experience because even though there is no audience, you can sing again, do what you are passionate about and that is fantastic in the midst of this situation. »

Diomary La Mala also gave his voice for this festival, on May 29. The Dominican singer-songwriter delighted everyone with her musical repertoire and her melodious voice, from an open stage with the seascape in the background.

The « live » ones have an advantage: despite the fact that you cannot have direct contact with the artist, the content remains recorded on the digital platform and can be viewed as many times as you want. or even save.



Wason Brazobán was presented through Ron Brugal’s digital platforms. In an hour he sang a large part of his repertoire and spoke to the public. On a bohemian-style stage, the interpreter of « The Woman I Like » sang her sorrows and joys, leaving women from various countries euphoric.


Presidente beer opted for a striking option for the youngest and that is that its “live” privileges urban exponents. The most recent was last Saturday, June 20, which set the stage for El Nene la Amenazzy, who sang several of his most popular songs and some songs that made viewers nostalgic, on a stage that does not have to envy concerts. face-to-face.