New Rules: It’s about time!

It’s time for new rules! July has already started, let’s aim to be the best, have the highest self-esteem and work hard on our self-esteem, what better song to start the year than with New Rules! Are you ready to follow these epic Dua Lipa rules? We tell you all the details here in Music News! We present you New Rules.

Of course we do not know the whole love story of Dua Lipa, the stories with her ex-partners for nothing, but we can bet that she also had bitter times, in this love no one is saved, not even she being an empowered goddess, so what can we wait? But what is true is that the most valuable thing you have as a human being is always your dignity, your self-esteem and your self-love and this has been perfectly clear to us with the music of Dua Lipa. Songs like IDGAF, which in other words means I Don’t Give a Fuck. What a great song! It is really legendary, but the other song that is also legendary and that makes it clear to us the priorities that one as a person must have after a breakup, must have.

The reality is that when we broke up with someone, with our partner, and we were the ones who suffered the most because maybe they cheated on us or betrayed us, because it hurts more, because you didn’t expect it, because you gave everything and you really didn’t want to leave . But then the other party is always so selfish! He not only cheated on you and did not value you, he not only made fun of you! He also let you go and besides that, knowing that you deserve more, much more, he decides to continue altering your peace of mind with lies and more lies.

The New Rules proposed by Dua Lipa in this song are:

Do not answer the phone to their calls because… Do we have to explain why? Dua Lipa specifies nothing but reality, he’s calling you just because he’s drunk. Don’t accept it again! Weeee, it’s obvious whoever made you one is going to do two, it’s more than obvious, and Dua Lipa in New Rules puts it, “You’re going to have to take it out again.” Don’t be her friend, that’s because that’s explained alone.

So when you break up or falter for your ex, please listen to New Rules, Dua Lipa knows what she’s talking about.


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