Vodafone continues to boast of being the largest aggregator of series and films, and proof of this, is that only this summer it has added three new services to Vodafone TV: AMC Selekt, Planet Horror and, within the sports field, Eurosport Player. But offering so much content sometimes brings a problem: difficulty in choosing.

And, according to the operator, there is a Nielsen study that ensures that, on average, we waste about 45 hours a year selecting which movie or series we are going to see. With this idea in mind, Vodafone has just launched the ‘You have to see it’ project, an online film and series recommender that relies on renowned actors and leaders from the world of culture.

Website, YouTube channel and social networks

The content platforms have an increasing offer of series, films, documentaries, children … In fact, according to Vodafone, it is estimated that more than 112 million titles per year. Such an amount of movies and series often entails great difficulty in choosing what to see, with the consequent loss of time for the viewer.

In order to help users discover the series and movies that best suit them, Vodafone has created ‘You Have to See It’, a platform where film and culture professionals They talk about the titles they liked the most. Jaime Lorente, Anna Castillo, Quim Gutiérrez, Najwa Nimri, Inma Cuesta, Clara Lago, Nacho Vigalondo, Elvira Lindo or Brays Efe are some of the collaborators.

‘You have to see it’ is not only available on Vodafone TV for its customers, but it also has a presence on social networks, YouTube and on the web

This new content recommendation service produced by Vodafone also offers information on the most outstanding premieres, interviews and specials. As part of the project, recommendations will also be published in audiovisual format, shorter and based on different parameters such as titles that have been successful and their relationship with similar topics, social media trends, ratings on IMdb, Filmaffinity, etc.

‘You have to see it’ is not only available on Vodafone TV for its customers, but it also has a presence on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), YouTube and on the web page túqueverlo.vodafone.es, with new daily content. Thus, any person, whether or not they are a Vodafone customer, you can access their recommendations, although of course, the goal is to give visibility to Vodafone TV, so that all recommended content will be included in its catalog.

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‘You have to see it’ by Vodafone: new recommender of series and films for customers and non-customers of the operator