It will exceed 800 horsepower of the conventional model

Your body will look much more aggressive

A prototype of the Ferrari 812 Superfast with a more aggressive bodywork has recently completed several days of testing at Fiorano. Are we facing the next arrival of a more radical and performance version of this ‘cavallino’?

A more radical Ferrari 812 Superfast in both looks and performance is on the way. During this year it has been seen in Maranello a prototype of the ‘cavallino’ equipped with a V12 engine whose body was more aggressive than that of the conventional model. According to The Supercar Blog we are before Ferrari 812 GTO, a name that has not yet been confirmed.

Various rumors suggest that the 812’s 6.5-liter V12 engine Superfast It will increase its power by 50 horses, so that it will reach 850. In addition, its injection cut will be around 9,000 revolutions per minute. All in all, this version of the Italian hypercar will improve the performance of the original, which already signed 0 to 100 km / hour in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 340 km / hour. Also, with this new twist Ferrari You will be able to get your chest out again by putting your most powerful series V12 engine ever in the running.

In the video that accompanies these lines, which we can enjoy thanks to YouTuber Varryx, you can see the aforementioned prototype in the middle of a test day as it rolls alongside a 812 Superfast conventional. The differences between the two, especially behind, are more than evident.

The Ferrari 812 GTO –Other sources indicate that it may be called 812 VS, by Special Version – it will in any case be a variant more focused on its use on the circuit that will presumably be accompanied by a reduction in weight. The original model stops the scale at 1,705 kilos.

Apparently the plans of Ferrari They were going to unveil this version of 812 Superfast at the last Geneva Motor Show, but the coronavirus ruined his plans. Now it is pointed to the months of October or November as a key, since in September the landing of another ‘cavallino’, the SF90 Spider, is expected.

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