New project by Raquel Becker after EXATLON

Telemundo Raquel Becker is once again part of Team Contendientes.

The fifth season of Exatlon United States is already at that stage in which the most beloved and emblematic participants begin to leave the competition, and within that list, Raquel Becker, from Team Contendientes, is perhaps one of the most important whose exit unleashed all kinds of opinions and comments on social networks.

The departure of Raquel Becker: Emotional!

Last March 21 will undoubtedly be registered as one of the most felt elimination Sundays within the fifth season of Exatlon United States. Everything was carried out in one of the most respected circuits, the force circuit, with a team in a very complex situation, where Ana Parra, the strongest, was injured, the then still participant Denisse Novoa was returning as team leader After a long injury, Claudia Ramos had the lowest score, and according to the decision of “La Pantera” Novoa, it was Raquel Becker who measured forces with her, in a circuit that sealed her fate within the fiercest competition of the planet.

Raquel Becker’s commitment to this new opportunity to participate in Exatlon United States was such that she would have rejected the opportunity to participate in the national Parkour competition to return to the competition to achieve glory a second chance, after having premiered in the first season of it, always in the Contendientes team, which he has always said to carry very deep in his heart.

His departure from the competition brought together fans from both sides; celebrities and contenders, united in one voice, ensuring that Becker’s elimination would have been orchestrated by her teammates as she was one of the few members of the blue team who consistently scored points. A follower in the Facebook group of AhoraMismo commented at that time: “I am Red but I think it was unfair that she left after leaving everything in those arenas while the Panther“ supposedly ”recovered. She and Ana jumped on the team to do their best. And the very happy and rested Panther is still there 😡“.

Wrapped up in a new project

But Becker has not stood idly by after leaving Exatlon USA. Recently, the girl, who according to different portals for fans would be involved in a romantic relationship with Rafael Soriano, a partner of the Contendings, assured that she was very happy because she would start a new project where she would help people to achieve the best version of themselves through a challenge that would include an attractive cash prize.

Although they have not yet made it clear when this challenge would start, Raquel Becker shared in her stories that the final prize to whoever manages to achieve their proposed goals would be one hundred thousand Mexican pesos, of course, always with the help of a team of fitness specialists , nutrition and wellness to ensure that the path to optimal health is long-lasting and healthy.

Don’t miss this video with more information about Raquel Becker’s new adventure:


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