New posters reveal the characters

There is little we have seen so far, about Warner’s planned Mortal Kombat, except for a few concept posters in charge of publicizing the project.However, in light of the arrival of the first advance in form, there are new promotional They have taken center stage and also introduced in passing for the first time several of the characters that will dance throughout the film.

While many of these posters barely reveal the profiles of the many Mortal Kombat characters, at least we can already get a more specific idea of ​​what Sub-Zero, Kano and the rest of the company will look like.

The posters are interesting because they mean in the first visual contribution that fans of the adult video game have of Mileena, Raiden and Shang Tsung. And at the same time they reveal Sisi Stringer, Chin Han and Tadanobu Asano totally immersed in their characters.

All promotionals are animated, which is why they have been revealed through social networks by the official account of the film. Except perhaps for a couple that were released by other sites like Fandango. You can see them all below.

The promotionals themselves anticipate that it will be a film, which, like the entire Warner compendium, will premiere in a hybrid mode from the comfort of HBO Max in homes, and also in cinemas that remain operating during the ongoing pandemic.

In addition, Warner has already promised that all this is just the preamble to the arrival of the first official trailer that will clear once and for all, how the first live action of the video game will look visually.

Mortal Kombat is a James Wan production, so we can expect tons of action, perhaps very much in the vein of his Fast and Furious. The direction is provided by Simon McQuaid, with a script by Oren Uziel, Greg Russo and Dave Callaham.

It is certainly based on the famous video game franchise created by Ed Boon and John Tobias, with a very extensive cast led by Lewis Tan, who will give life to a completely original character for this film, called Cole Young.

HBO Max mortal kombat posters Warner

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