Last Wednesday, May 20, they met, telematically, a quarantine of entities that claim the right to private mobility and services that are derived from it. According to the platform, not only in the City of Barcelona, Where they say that this sector has been criminalized lately from the same political institutions, but they also want to extend it to the entire Barcelona Metropolitan Area, in Catalonia and its main capitals.

According to the entities, the discourse has always been in favor of policies where all mobility options can coexist, but the indiscriminate attacks of recent times they have been a reaction: “we must join efforts and vindicate the role of the automotive sector and private mobility. We do not want to present ourselves as victims but neither as the culprits of all the problems. ”

Also, and as the automotive sector demonstrates day after day, they add that “we are in favor and work tirelessly for environmental policies. Also to ensure a business fabric that ensures jobs, production and the most important GDP of the economy ”they have pointed out.

For the new platform, private mobility does not only affect the automotive sector. Also in restaurants, small and medium-sized companies, associations and business associations, schools and universities and, ultimately, the personal interests of the citizens that, together, they form a collective that cannot go unnoticed. In his opinion, it is not only for personal interest but, on many occasions, necessary for concrete mobility and an economic system. At the present moment they affirm: “it is unacceptable to leave it aside. We claim the right of choice in the means of transport and complementarity between public and private mobility. And we ask respect for their activity and busy people. ”

This platform, they state, “does not intend to enter any war, just dignify its vital role for the cities of the XXI century. We want to make ourselves visible, be a reflection of daily reality now transferred in the associative field. It is open to all those who want to join this initiative and from the communication channels of all entities. ” Below we show the relationship of all the signatories.

Signatory entities:

Associació Estacions de Servei Gremi de GaratgesCambra Comerç de Barcelona CEPTA
Astave Tarragona
Gremi from Tallers de Barcelona
Gremi Motor
Corve Girona Cluster Cluster Quadis
Gremi from Tallers de Barcelona
Harley-Davidson Space Bcn AnesdorAgtc
Lleida Automotive
AEM – Missatgeria
ANBIOS – Logistics Biosecurity
Consell de Gremis, Serveis i Restauració
AsocparcAstac Condal
Antics Alumni Esade
Transcalit, Federació Transports
FecavFoment del Treball
Saba Infraestructures
Gremi de Tallers de Sabadell
CIAC l’Automoció Cluster
You group
Antics Alumnes Eada
Gremi de Restauració of Barcelona
Gremi Àrids Catalunya
FECOCAT Federació Construcció
COAB Col·legi Agents Comercials
Corve Girona
Motorcycle cluster