New Part of the electric vehicle: measurements and reactions

The government-led PERTE VEC will seek to create an ecosystem for the development and manufacture of electric and connected cars. The unions give us their first assessment.

July 29, 2021 (1:15 PM CET)

How much do you save on maintenance with an electric car?  Photo: iStockHow much do you save on maintenance with an electric car? Photo: iStock

If really in Europe they want to stop selling cars with a heat engine in 2035 and you want bet definitively on the electric car, are required emergency and draft measures to achieve that goal. With that idea in mind, the Government approved a few weeks ago the PERTE of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (PERTE VEC).

Under this name hides a Strategic Project for Recovery and Economic Transformation: in this case, a series of strategic initiatives for the transformation of the automotive sector in Spain. Programs carried out under a investment of 24,000 million euros should be carried out through collaboration between administrations, companies and research centers, with public investment, but also private. Investments will be made between this 2021 and 2023 with the aim of “increasing productivity and potential growth, moving towards a green, digital, inclusive Spain, with greater social and territorial cohesion and without gender gaps”.

Of the 24,000 million euros, 19,700 will come from private investment: among the requirements to participate in the programs of this PERTE VEC, the applicant entities must organize with a composition of at least five companies, of which 40 percent must be SMEs. At least one of the entities must be a provider of knowledge and must have the technical and organizational capacity to carry out R & D & I activities. And furthermore, the geographic implantation of said entities must cover at least two autonomous communities.

These are some of the most concrete figures that brings the PERTE VEC in Spain.

Electric, hybrid and gas cars: how many are already sold and the 5 most purchased by categories.Electric cars: the definitive boost from the hand of this PERTE VEC?

PERTE VEC: what the unions say

Unions value PERTE positively for electric and connected vehicle. Yes indeed, call for even more measures to further strengthen the automotive sector. From CC.OO. value the PERTE VEC as “crucial”, positively assessing the fact of requiring collaboration between companies, between communities, the demand for private investment and, also, the “commitment to job creation”, Something that they hope will be fulfilled in an“ integral ”way.

However, this union adds that the provision for vocational training plans in the sector is scarce with its 21 million euros, considering that must be “trained and reconsidered” more than 300,000 workers who are directly employed in the sector and two million people in the current value chain as a whole.

For its part, from UGT, affirm that “the foundations of the project are solid”, but they regret that “the future of the sector to a single card” is at stake. They ensure – and claim – that the measures of this PERTE VEC should be extended to “the entire value chain of the sector”. That is: components, builders, dealers, auxiliary companies, suppliers …, and it is feared that “not all companies may be eligible for aid” and occur “Comparative torts”.

All the aid that the Government contemplates in the PERTE for the electric carAll the aid that the Government contemplates in the PERTE for the electric car

40 million euros for sustainable automotive programs

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana morant, presented the Technological Program in Sustainable Automotive during the meeting of the Automotive Board, as part of the actions planned for the PERTE VEC. This plan will include 40 million euros What grants to promote technologies that allow the Spanish automotive industry to adapt to the needs of a society without CO2 emissions.

This program will host different projects that, according to the Government, will have to address a series of technological challenges such as these: development of components and platforms for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen-powered vehicles; autonomous driving technology and connected mobility; adaptation of production environments with safe and robust systems for human-machine interaction; etc.

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