During this Wednesday, Disney released a new trailer for Mulan’s live action, a production that was especially awaited by audiences but that in recent weeks has been involved in controversy.

The reason is none other than the decision of the house of Mickey Mouse to exclusively release this film through Disney Plus, which would leave out of the game both the main cinema chains and millions of users who are not subscribers from service.

After the premiere of this film sounded strong since the beginning of last year and with thousands of promotions already established in the cinemas, the critics did not wait.

The criticism of the price

Although the new version of Mulán has generated all kinds of expectations among audiences and despite the public’s interest in enjoying the film, to be among the first to enjoy the production, consumers will have to pay about 30 dollars, a figure that, according to Statista’s projections, is more than three times the average price of a movie ticket in the United States (USA) for 2019.

It is also equivalent to 680 Mexican pesos. According to Disney, in countries where the streaming platform does not yet exist, a global premiere will be coordinated in physical theaters. According to Bob Chapek, the CEO of the house of the mouse, the decision was made because « it is very important that we release Mulan in the right time and way. »

Although the decision has generated all kinds of controversy, the truth is that it seems to be the best option, at least, for the business of the production house.

In the same way that happened with its competitors, during the quarantine, Disney saw its income related to its films and other productions especially declined.

Also according to ., the income of the house of the mouse decreased, between this last quarter and the equivalent of last year, the same as it gained by Avengers: Endgame. In the last three months, in fact, the production company has not released anything in theaters, for obvious reasons. It is unsustainable to expect that the company will continue to wait in theaters for much longer, despite the fact that the sector is already beginning to reactivate in some markets.

The decision is confirmed

With this context, the release of the new Mulan trailer confirms that the production will arrive on September 4 exclusively for Disney Plus subscribers, a situation that has reignited the debate about the unusual premiere strategy of the film.

Along with consumers, cinemas are not at all happy because although in their next billboards they will have other premieres such as Trolls World Tour, the absence of Disney production will mean they stop earning important income that is now especially longed for.

Only time will tell if this decision actually makes a profit for Disney, since although the premiere may bring new subscribers, it also facilitates the scope for piracy to go ahead and deliver the material for free or to a considerably lower.