new movie with a Marvel showrunner scripted

Paramount Pictures prepares a new film of ‘Transformers‘.Marco Ramirez, showrunner of ‘The Defenders‘from Marvel, will be his screenwriter.Angel Manuel Soto placeholder image (‘Charm City Kings‘) will direct the film.

At Paramount Pictures they have not finished with the Hasbro robots, far from it. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, a new film joins its calendar of projects related to the world of ‘Transformers‘with two confirmed signings: the script will be written by Marco Ramirez, showrunner of ‘The Defenders‘from Marvel on Netflix, and the Puerto Rican Angel Manuel Soto placeholder image, responsible of ‘Charm City Kings‘will be the director.

Fourteen years have passed since the pyrotechnic and fun ‘Transformers‘(Michael Bay, 2007) hit theaters. Decepticons and autobots have not stopped finding excuses to continue spanking on our planet at the rate of a collision every two years. Michael Bay he continued to take care of the entire official shipment, hiding the work of any scriptwriter under his lucid cloak of explosives in the hyperbolic ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘(2009) and’Transformers: Dark of the Moon‘(2011) with Shia labeouf to give way later to a supposed facelift with the continuist Mark Wahlberg in ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction‘(2014) and’Transformers: The Last Knight‘(2017), possibly the fastest movie ever made.

The lack of “event” status indicated by the downward curve in the number of tickets sold caused Paramount to come up with something akin to a reboot. Thus was born the funny again ‘Bumblebee‘(Travis Knight, 2018), a teenage adventure that is currently listed as the last film in the franchise, but not for long.

This new project joins the producer’s extensive plan for the franchise in which they are also working Joby harold and James vanderbilt.

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